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was willing to suffer and die for our sins. father, help us to love you because of the fall, in jesus' name. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> what was jesus trying to communicate when he was upon the cross? i can't imagine the punishment, here are three that think matter: first of all, jesus was saying i love you. anyone doubts the love of god, all he needs to do is look hard at the cross. 1 john 4:8-10, anyone that does not love does not know god because god is love. god sent his only son into the world so we might live through him. in this is love not that we loved god but he loved us and sent his son for our sins. we have all seen small measures of love. people were good to us and blessed us. i wonder if any love we have seen can measure up to what jesus did for us. we know the meaning of love by looking at the cross. no one could be more eloquent, more determined, more willing to sacrifice, more moving with their love than jesus. when jesus says i love you, no one can doubt. once in a while i hear someone who says, phil, i don't feel very loved by god. these folks feel forgotten or neglected. w
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a therapist, i want to understand the science behind any product i use. so with us today, we have world-renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon and skin specialist dr. grant stevens. he's gonna talk about hair health issues and what we can do about them. >> hi, laura. >> welcome. >> thank you very much. >> have a seat with me. so, we hear a lot about men long their hair, but it's women, too. >> absolutely. we find that over 50% of women are losing hair by the age of 50. >> and i had read somewhere that you lose, just on average, 70 to 100 hairs a day. >> each and every day. can you believe that? >> how do you know when there's really a problem? >> well, the telltale sign is when you're in the shower and you look down and there's hair on the shower floor. that's when you know that you're losing more than 70 to 100 a day. >> so, why is that? >> well, as you know, we're under a lot of stress nowadays, and between stress and hormones and diet and even age, more and more women are losing hair at a younger age. >> and that's what i've heard, as well -- that it's not just the over-50s, but younger w
you that'shy women everywhere are sharg and ravi about their five-star resus. even women who use the perfecter for the ve first time are amazed at their fast and easy, incredible results. >> i'm shocked. it's amazing. >> you know, i'm touching it now and it's, um, it's not burning. >> [gasps] wow, ohy gosh, it's so great. it's so much shinier too. >> woman: so smooth. >> this is perfect. >> wow. i really feel like i am in a hair commeial. [lahs] >> announcer: and now through this exclusive television offer, you can use the revolutionary perfter fusion styler in your home for just three easy payments of only $33.33. it gets better! order now and we'll also send you these free bonus gifts-- a $40 value absolutely free. hold everything! we'll even include free shipping. wait, there's more! every perfecter fusion styler alsoomes with our exclusive 60-day money-back guarantee. use the peecter in your own home and if you don't love it, simply return it for your money back, no questions asked. supplies are limited on this amazing offer. what are you waiting for? that's more than $130 va
. >> perfectly every time. >> yes. >> you don't have to do anything. >> i'm like a gourmet chef when i use this. >> i know. >> it gives you all the tips. >> o.k., so... >> great, great. >> look at all of it... >>e' got some lobster. >> lobster. >> some shrimp. >> t-bone steak. >> steak. >> lamb chops. >> mmm, and... >> look at the, the vegetable medley. >> those are beautiful. >> this is a family favorite. i know your family loves this one too. >> oh, for sure. >> salmon, lemon pepper salmon. >> oh, isn't that beautiful? >> you know what? you made saon and asparagus for me in the first show. >> yes, i did. >> and i'm doing it for you in this show. >> yay, i get to taste! >> fla a littlbit off there just so we can see it. >> all right, let's do that. look at that. iust followed the instructions... >> wow... oh... >> oh! [laughs] >> that's my piece. >> wait, i want a fork too! >> mmm... >> it's the nuwave oven. you talk about healthy. >> all right, now we're gonna move on to dessert... >> it's about time. >> which he right here. >> yup. >> cookies are one of my favorite things to make for desser
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first deal using than's system, i had nothing in my savings at that point. on that deal, i made over $40,000. fast forward to where i am today -- my net worth has grown astronomically. i am buying and selling multiple properties every month, and the sky's the limit at this point. i absolutely love knowing that i do not have to depend on anyone else for money ever again. >> we have so many successful students just like marina, who came to one of my events, who just wanted more opportunity and a better life, learned my system, and are now out there making money in real estate, loving what they do. throughout this show, you're gonna see and hear from successful students of mine from a wide variety of different backgrounds, from teachers to truckers, to realtors and contractors, to attorneys, to stay-at-home moms and dads. many of my students started with little to no money and on a part-time basis. one of the reasons i have so many successful students is because one of the first things that we teach you at the event is how to find killer real-estate deals you can flip and how to find the be
were in real estate. you see, in high school and college, they teach us how to get a job, but at my live events, i take pride in teaching you how not to be dependent on a job and how to take control of your own destiny. >> before going to than's event, i was living paycheck to paycheck. in fact, on my first deal using than's system, i had nothing in my savings at that point. on that deal, i made over $40,000. fast forward to where i am today -- my net woh has grown astronomically. i am buying and selling multiple properties every month, and the sky's the limit at this point. i absolutely love knowing that i do not have to depend onnyone else for money ever again. >> we have so many successful students just like marina, who came to one of my events, who just wanted more opportunity and a better life, learned my system, and are now out there making money in real estate, loving what they do. throughout this show, you're gonna see and hear from successful students of mine from a wide variety of different backgrounds, from teachers to truckers, to realtors and contractors, to attorneys,
scientific studies. >> but what's wrong with what's currently prescribed in the u.s.? >> well the pain drugs, and i've tried them all. >> yeah. >> acetaminophen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ibuprofen. all these things do nothing but just mask the pain. they d't treat the root causes of pain. >> of course they come with lots of dangerous side affects if you use them too long, too. >> t pain always comes back and it always gets worse. and surgery is not mu better. it comes with no guarantees and it can cause infections and blood clots and always requires significant rehabilitation. >> very true. what do you think about all of those natural joint health supplements out there then? >> the problem is that there is very little or no legitimate clinical research showing that these things work all or are even safe to use. to make matters worse, over 90 percent of the most popular agents that are sold in the united states have ingredients from china where there are significant problems with fake, counterfeit, low-quality and contaminated ingredients. >> so then how is supple any different?
-approved for treating thinning hair, as well as the first fda-cleared home-use laser comb. >> hair club also offers, in select areas, the gold standard in hair transplantation -- microscopic follicular unit hair transplants. it natural, permanent, and your transplanted hair is guaranteed to grow mother nature programmed it to. >> we work with our clientele together to determine the best option for them, and we take into consideration age, the extent of their hair loss, and what their expectations are, both in terms of the amount of hair they want, the thickness they want, and how soon they want to have some results. my job is to give them the most natural-looking hair transplant they could possibly have and to see to it that when that person looks in the mirror after his hair grows in, that's the person they want to see. >> when you actually see the hair grow, you're amazed. you're watching it grow day by day from a thinner look to a fuller look till you can do the things that you've always wanted to do with your hair, using different products and styling your hair differently. >> i finally went to
i'm not goin' there with that father. come on. no, get out of here. he'll use me to beat you to death. come on, look -- hey, maybe he'll chase us with the shovel. come on. fratello mio, e' cosi' buono -- get off me, you nut! hey, hey, hey! you got to wake up, here, little bro! look where you are, man! you're missin' it! ♪ la donna mobile, qual piu ma vento ♪ i-i've never seen him like this -- so happy. i don't like it. hi, daddy! hi, daddy! hi, daddy! hey, what did you do, feed the ducks or somethin'? you want to feed them with us tomorrow? yeah, maybe. i don't know. we'll see. yeah, yeah, daddy's very busy, you guys. he really doesn't have time for fun this trip. he has a lot of moping to do, which is quite time consuming. all right, give me a break, please. why don't you give me a break, huh?! i thought that this could be a time for all of us to be together! all right, listen, i can't do this right now, because i promised my mother we'd take a walk. t-that's true, dear. have a nice time. i'm so glad we could do this, raymond. you really seem to need it. need
that held my neck raight for me as an individual. what i did is i invented this pillow. i have my own us patent and these; i have three different sizes of this foam, if you feel that. but, all three sizes inter they interlock together. so, it's like if you had pressure, if you had pressure on my hands, it would be harder to pull them apart. well, when you lay your head on that, wherever you mold this pillow for you. see how that holds? push down there. >> oh yeah. >> see that? that's not my grain. so, for your exact shoulders, it's going to, no matter how big your shoulders are or how small, it's going to be exactly for you as an individual. you're not going to have these flip flopping all night like a guppy or using your arm or folding your pillow and waking up or flipping to the cool side. >> so, nmatter if you're a back sleeper, a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, just get your fit. which is so easy to do. >> exactly. you can get the right fit. it takes a couple of minutes but then, you're right no matter what position you sleep in this will work for you. >> with my pillow premium, thi
you still lie today. >> you are so crazy you don't use your real name it's not alley. it is a nickname >> your nickname is what you write? you cannot go as your real name >> are you an absentee father. >> kirk: let's talk about -- [all talking at once] >> there is a warrant for your arrest >> and i haven't paid support you are... [inaudible] i hate you. don't to her don't talk to me >> what kind of twisted mother calls her own father -- >> kirk: backup. backup >> all right. carry on then. >> you're sick. sick, buddy. >> ally >> hi. >> kirk: nice to see you. did you keep casey away from morgan for three years? >> in 2006, yeah i was bitter because he went to the courts and he lied. he said i abandoned my child. that he had her since birth and i was nowhere to be found >> kirk: what about the kidnap allegations? >> if i was a kidnaper would i not be charged? >> kirk: you have to get caught >> 24 hours notice to return her. you got lucky. >> what judge gives a kidnaper 24 hours? a kidnaper gets a time-frame to bring back their child? >> i dropped the daughter off on your
been single, honey. an those of us know, we know who we are in terms of the placement and how men look at us. she's the weekend girl. she's not the keeper, unfortunately. and she's a little crazy. so, you know. and then fadre, you make great-looking babies. but fadre, please get off the show. just leave. i hate her story line, you know what i'm saying? i leave the room to brush my teeth and come back. and cynthia, i leave to take a shower and i come back. but even though she's as boring as i don't know what, and peter was so not supportive last night and it made me want to vomit. she's got these five boys and he's acting all non-supportive. but you know why cynthia is good on the show? beuse they need a nice, calm character that soothes everybody ands a good friend. if there's one thing cynthia is, she's a good friend. yeah. [ applause ] >> wendy: mama joyce. joyce even tried to turn wylie, the little girl, against todd. love that riley., the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the litt
be eddie, so fine. >> bruce jenner because he's used to being tied up and held captive. >> zach efron. he's super cute. >> everybody go see it. i'd pay twice to go see it. >> the celebrity i think has the best butt in hollywood would have to be rihanna. >> bradley cooper, yum, yum, br bradley. >> i think jennifer lopez has the best butt in hollywood. the original butt out of all these new butts. >> the celebrity is kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian. >> kim kdashian. >> she is literally sitting on a fortune. >> the streets are always talking and we're always listen i ing. up next time for "ask wendy." >> wendy: welcome back. time for "ask wendy." how you doin'? >> how you doi? i'm a makeup artist so my face is my best advertisement yet every guy wants me to be more natural. >> wendy: you makeup artists do wear a lot of makeup. you do but you have to sell your product. so when you're at the makeup counter, the department store, where you actually sell, i think when you're on the clock, wear as much makeup as you can
you see, in high school and college, they teach us how to gea job, but at my live events, i take pride in teaching you how not to be dependent on a job and how to take control of your own destiny. >> before going to than's event, i was living paycheck to paycheck. in fact, on my first deal using than's system, i had nothing in my savings at that point. on that deal, i made over $40,000. fast forward to where i am today -- my net worth has grown astronomically. i am buying and selling multiple properties every month, and the sky's the limit at this point. i absolutely love knowing that i do not have to depend on anyone else for money ever again. >> we have so many successful students just like marina, who came to one of my events, who just wanted more opptunity and a better life, learned my system, and are now out there making money in real estate, loving what they do. throughout this show, you're gonna see and hear from successful students of mine from a wide variety of different backgrounds, from teachers to truckers, to realtors and contractors, to attorneys, to stay-at-home mo
a marketing-- - wow, this sure is intense. having to share a workspace with someone you used to get it on with. - andy, that is really inappropriate. - awkward! - it is awkward. this is a really uncomfortable situation that you've contrived. - really uncomfortable uation. - yeah. - that's all right, pete. you can handle it. i mean, we all just gotta move on. ain't that right, professor lecture-much? question. how's that medicine taste? your own-flavored? is it just me, orave these tables turned? hmm. - so there's no marketing department? th:o. - you know, times were tough. i was unemployed. i was still heartbroken over you. i'lost a good 50 pounds. but as you can see, i put all that weight right back on. feel how fat my buttocks are. yeah. it's crazy. touch it. it'sike warm pumpkin. - so andy just called you up out of the blue? - yeah. htold me you two broke up. - yeah. - you must be pretty horny. - well, the good news is, no more guilty conscience. at least you know he is the strangler. the proof is in the grip. did they say when the vocal cords would heal? one week? okay. two weeks? okay. yo
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and the stallion >> he's starting to really scare us. >> any last words? do orgasm. yes, they do. maregasms. ed >> i'm a huge fan of your work. x..ichael moore was at l.a. a camera guy said we had shooting a few days ago. >> how many years ago it just seems like -- changes.ng it's the world we live in hunting is bigger spot than hockey. seven out of ten people have guns. why don't they kill anybody when a have it half right they say guns don't kill people. kill people, americans kill people. >> how do you argue what he says? why america? assault rifles. you cannot get those in canada. you cannot get glocks. cares? it's not about what gun you use it's that you use a gun. harvey, to a point you're right. sandy hook he had a shotgun. > this is a ridiculous conversation that the kind of gun matters. >> no, no, no. i don't think michael moore is point. the >> you just said the gun doesn't matter. >> it doesn't. >> but the gun does matter. to shoot myself. again. right, thanks big fan. unleash the power within your pants. motivational speaker/secret pimp tony robbins are excited they got -- >> that'
. it's tough out here for us girls. anyway, good luck, eva. so lady gaga is on the cover of one of my favorite magazines, "glamour." she's posing like models pose. can you do it? bring your elbows together. we were practicing on the show. do it, do it. inside she was asked does she think she's beautiful. she was actually interviewed by our friend andy cohen for the article and inside she was asked, you know, among other things do, you think you're beautiful. and here's what she said. i'm not conventionally beautiful. i'm okay with that. i'm not a supermodel. that's not what i do. what i do is music. i like that. another thing, i don't find her to be a classic beauty but she's far from being unattractive and sometimes being the unconventional beauty is the best kind of beauty, like keeping a space between your teeth or giant nose or pushed back forehead or something like that. come on, guys. i can never be a grown-up here. you have to pull me back to being stupid and kiddy-like. you know what i'm saying. unconventional beauty is and gaga also says she doesn't like when people call her
and they will help us. we keep praying so that we can go to sleep more peacefully. >> en el nombre del padre, del hijo y del espíritu santo. amén. >> announcer: but for this family, sleep is just a temporary escape from their suffering. tomorrow, they'll wake up hungry again, and johana and fernanda will spend another day begging, instead of going to school. these children truly do need a miracle, an angel to have mercy on them. you can be that angel. >> what if you had nothing to give your children to eat or medicine to give them when they were sick? this is the plight of so many loving moms in places where food f the poor doing god's work. you have the power to save lives. just call or go online now. be the angel a child has been waiting for. >> announcer: right now, you have the power to save the lives of children who madie from starvation and disease. call now and become an angel of the poor for just $19 a month. you'll provide life-saving food and medicines to rescue suffering children. food for the poor receives millions of dollars' worth of food, medicine, and other donated goods every
one of us having to travel where each other is. we shook on it. >> perfect. [ applause ] >>> now, i know you've always been into comicon, you go every year. >> comicon. >> i just want -- >> for a nerd, that's like mispronouncing -- >> i'm sorry. i've never been but i like wonder woman and i dressed as her for hallowe this year. i wanted to know for you, if you do a side by side -- >> yeah. >> i think you look more like straight up linda carter, wonder woman. >> in my opinion like the real wonder woma you look great. >> i'll take it. you and your wife, i liked your halloween costumes. >> oh, yes. my wife is really funny. she said we've cornered the market on tall girl, short guy costumes. we did some from battle star gallactica one year and one year she was hans solo and i was prince. she came up with an idea midyear and we worked on it. >> let me see the piur >> jessica rabbit. >> look at a side by side. >> that is perfect. >> so don't go away everybody. when we come back, we're going to play a game with seth. a game of celebrity. except for it's the "dads" edition. you don't want t
, there's some of us who we realize, gosh, we bit off more than we can chew, i want to get back to my regular life. can i stub a toe? can i faint? can i get a doctor's note saying i have sciatica, what? i understand what yo did and why you did it. [ applause ] allegedly. hey, the singer, adele, we haven't talked about her in a long time. i have a nice story to share. depending on the type of person you are, i have a nice story. she reportedly declined, miss adele did, a huge $19 million deal to become the face of l'ore l'oreal. well, she's worth $ million and she didn't want to be associated with -- she didn't want to bessociated with outside products. i respect her integrity. $19 million. i respect that. i sew respect that. she didn't sell out. she's only 25 years old. you know, she's got that cute new baby. she sings like nobody's business and people love her. there's nothing wrong if she did take that cover gir thing, but the idea that she didn't, i like her even more. i remember back in the day before mariah carey had her perfume and before she had that nail polish that she does,
wrinkles like no other serum i've ever used, and it hel givmyace a healthy glow. everdeep is simp to use, and it works. i absolutely love evdeep, and i'm not the only one who has seen such dramatic results. >> i just saw my before-and-after pictures, and i was shocked. the biggest problem area that i have, in my opinion, are my undereyes, and they have dramatically improved with everdeep. i love the product. it's amazing. >> when i saw before-and-after pictures, i was amazed at the results. my pore sizes are smaller, my lines have diminished considerably, the textur of my skin is better, fine discoloration is gone. it's incredible. >> you know, people ask me what's the difference between everdeep and other products that are out there, and it's simple. it works. it actually works. >> nothing has transformed my skin the way everdeep has. the overall quality of my skin has improved, it's healthier, its texture is softened, and i don't see the wrinkles i used to. >> announcer: coming up... some of the women who tried everdeep will see their results for the very first time. you'll see actual
she's abusing them physically and mentally >> it's a horror show. it's the kids being around drugs use paraphernalia and ho filled with creeps and creed epbts that have no business children?nd >> what he gonna do it? >> what more ground does he have to stand on >> which is why he's hoping denise will come to the rescue say give me g to the kids if you don't give them to me give them to denise but ooke. >> what kind offed deoderant rare something thing bad i have some going on >> no, unless you consider uncontrollable arm sweat >>t'the tpharpl stuff. >> come on. you can't use the natural stuff. >> dammit. i knew it. it was too close to the chick deowed rented. i knew. .> oh stop you can't just blame stuff on women unless it's brooke mueller be fair.ight thanks sweat staeupbz you're disgusting. >> how you doing, man go sew, ve nick did he one of the stars of masters of sex, that show on show time is one of the leads >> he plays dr. ethan hawke. he's coming out of 30 rock we said do you get a physical he says -- >> hell yeah >> you got to take care of yourself. you got to do -- it's all
thing to eat. used to get take-out for boa. >> a salad? we buy a salad here, it .as a diaper in it let's not get into the fruit flies inhe barn back there. 10 fruit flies on bagels yesterday. >> i like how we're saving the yogurt lids, too, to make a nest for them. you kee blaming them and you're looking at me. i tried to make a change. want change. >> i want change more than you because i trulyant ange. mnever sleeping.g. ever saving. for him, her, and you. every day. but quality affordable health care seems forever out of reach -- until now. i'm doctor peter beilenson. with local doctors we've founded a new approach to health insurance -- evergreen health. neighborhood care, same day appointments, a team approach with doctors and nues who get to know you. that's evergreen health. learn more at evergreenmd.org. [ for mcdonald's bold, new jalapeno kicker premium chicken sandwich. and the not too shy jalapeno kicker quarter pounder. the heat comes at you from layers of jalapeno crisps, jalapeno slices, pepper jack cheese... and a cool creamy sauce that kicks in right when you need it. n
affect any of us at any age -- in our teens, in our 20s, in our 70s, and hormone imbalance leads to mood swings, infertility, acne, fatigue, low sex drive, and those things can affect any of us. the emphasis here is on hormones, and both men and women are affected by this. we're not built the same, so the approach has to be a little bit different. so what we've done here is we've created a nutriblast for the guys and a nutriblast for the gals. >> great. >> wonderful. >> tre are so many amazing hormone-building foods -- foods like beets, grap, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, broccoli to support the prostate, olive oil, which helps keep good hormones from becoming bad hormones. we need good hormones to keep us young. we've got to put in spring water. let's put on the extractor blades. we're set. over here, we have a female nutriblast, and this contains some key different ingredients. we put in arugula, sometimes called "rocket." we've added raspberries for their volatile oils, which help to support female reproductive health. we've added avocado and goji berries -- onef thbest antioxidants on
buyers buy only from us. >> before you buy anywhere else, ask another dealer if their cars come with lifetime engine warranty, oil changes for life, safety inspections for life, tire rotations for life and car washes for life, and a lifetime tire protection program. ask if they guarantee you automotive credit, then ask for a low liquidation price. i know what you will here -- no, no, and no. but during this special event at liberty ford, we'll say yes, yes and yes. >> the only thing that's stopping you from sitting behind the wheel of a car like this is a pne call. so 1-800-848-1000. credit specialists are standing by waiting for your call. >> the call is free and confidential. you will be treated with the utmost respect and can be approved for automotive credit. go ahead, pick up the phone and call, 1-800-848-1000. >> i assure you, this will be the single best call you will ever make because at liberty ford, we finance your future, not your past. air credit approval center is open 24-7, so if you call today, you ride today. the single goal of this telecast is to inform the buyi
there was drug use started when i wasn't born yet, i don't know who said, hey hit the pipe or snort this line. i don't know that. but i know that she wasn't the only one. he at least takes responsibility for that part. but the thing about it is i seen so much going on in and out of my house, i thought it was regular for people to break into your house. for people to break into your house. i walked in one day with my parents and said look they didn't steal my teddy it's here on the couch. because our vcr was gone and tv and everything. >> i was accused of being abusive, yes. but amy -- by amy. >> but there was no abuse >> i never hit her mother >> i seen you grab my mother out of her car by her hair and black ice and fat lips i seen everything like that. >> amy you were three years old >> and what? does that matter? i am an intelligent woman. >> i'm not saying you did not see >> my 90 pound mom was able to attack you first or what? >> there is a lot of things you did not see, sweetheart >> there are a lot of things right you think i did not see i did see a lot of things. come on. i seen. >> i can
? - um, it's empty. - what? - oh, come on. we could use a blank card. all: no! - that's cheating. - i could get us a complaint. - you? little miss priss? you wouldn't fart on a butterfly. - no, i wouldn't. i can't even relate to that impulse. but i bet i could get us a customer complaint. i'd like to try. - hmm. yeah. - all right. - yeah, go, pam! pam... [all chanting "pam"] - what? why did you call me out here? - the target-- it's oscar, isn't it? he and the senator are gaying each other. - i don't know what you're talking about. - your nostrils tell a different story. they flare like that every time you're engaging in deception. hello again, naughty nostrils. - fine! it's oscar. so what? - well, i could understand you wanting to get a stranger's knees whacked. but a co-worker-- dare i say a friend? - exactly, a friend. someone who sits next to you year after year, making chitchat and smiling, and all the while running behind your back and defiling your marriage and seducing your husband. - i can't even imagine how painful this must be for you. but the first ones to break your marria
making for us today? i see steak. >> yes. spicy stake because i heard you love spice and sweet potato chips. >> and you're 13. you talk and aisle conduct my conversation with you. go ahead. >> this is just the chillicurry sauce. these are the ingredients. freshly picked cilantro, parsley, oregano, garlic, salt, cryi cayenne pepper and rub. >> >> wendy: you keep going. you're 13, likemy son, you're in eighth grade. >> yes. >> wendy: are you home schooled? u missed the first half of the year. how are you going to make up the first half of the year? >> am i sus popposed to. >> wendy: if you want to graduate. or you can keep cooking and go to culinary school. you're going to be a cook? >> yes. >> or a chef. a cook versus a chef, which is what gordon is. how did you get interested in cooking? your mom? or did you cook at home? >> when i was little, i would bake with my mom. as i got older, my mom and dad -- >> wendy: i feel so under the pressure. i love tking to you but they're holding up signs to keep moving. the audience is laughing. is going to cook long enough? >> 3 to 4 minutes on eac
pool hall with pouncey.mike >> mike pouncey [beep]! seems to suggest that richie not only freely uses the n-word. pouncey [beep]. >> but seems to put him in more hot water after being forfinitely benched allegedly bullying teammate jonathan majority. hazing, slash bullying, homophobic. in the world of the nfl, is it ever ok to use the n-word? got ladainian tomlinson at b.j.'s. >> good pizza. ladainian about using the n-word. in the locker room, it's the locker room. a lot of times you may look past certain issues because it's all about winning. >> it's ok as long as you win? >> but there's no place for that. own community don't want our young kids using it so we definitely don't want someone of using it.ce >> well said. we hope you enjoyed the pizza. the thing about b.j.'s pizza, it's about the -- the pazooey? cast iront in a skillet with white chocolate macadamia nuts. i not know about this? >> you don't go to b.j.'s. you're like at malibu fresh eating grill or something. you, richie incognito -- >> pouncey [beep]. pazooky. have a >> how you guys doing? mcgowan leaving arclight holly
it." she gave us all the cher we love. the sexy outfits. everything a bit too small and we love that. the good hair. but i love this look right here with the feathers and the other one. i mean -- she gave everything that we love cher about. but she did have some beginner's nervousness. at the judge's table. she gave -- she kept giving people, even people who didn't deserve it, nines. like she's scared to judge. it's easy to judge people if you're an internet gangster behind a screen. it's ease to judge if you're judging from our couch while you watch "dancing with the stars" or some of the judges shows. it's difficult to break somebody's heart when you know they've worked hard to get there. i get it. she was giving everyone nines at at one point she said her own name instead of giving -- just look. >> nine, nine, nine. nine. nine. cher. [ applause ] >> and jennifer and casper showed up in the audience to support leah remini. i love the randomness of that. that is jennifer lopez. what is she doing every tuesday night. she works monday night. she's supporting her friend. that's cool. [
. but according to "the star" ashley is also a regular use of fillers and plumpers. listen, she's still very young. she's like 29 years old. she's been married and divorced and has a child, but i have to say, that is the best use of filler work. as a modern woman i say do what you need to do. especially if you have a sister as beautiful as jessica simpson and you're the frog on the side. it's jessica who has a problem with her doing this. probably because jessica doesn't want her sister to be as pretty as her. you know you pretty girls are. you always want to be the pretdiepret prettiest one in the room. don't tell jess what you do. go get the procedures. wait a month or two and then go see her. but ashley you better be careful, because from what i can see you haven't worked in a long time. and so your sister jessica with the fabulous clothing line and shoe line she has, ashley is the main model. she's the face of the line. now from business standpoint i get what jessica is saying. they are not meant for high glamour girls. they're really great bohemian and earthy. the comfortable stuff. the good
'm still having a bit of trouble understanding the importance of loyalty. so let's-- let's use an example. take erin. erin's boyfriend, andy, is away across the ocean. - yeah. - so is it all right for her to flirt with creed, for example? - let's try it out. - no, let's--let's-- let's not say creed. let's say mr. "x." - well, i think it would be immol for erin to cheat on andy. - oh, i'm sorry. didn't you cheat on andy? - yes. and he didn't like it. - does mr. "x" know that erin has a boyfriend? - okay, this is really hard to follow. can we just say pete, because that's the guy that erin's flirting with? - [clears throat] - ladies and gentlemen, the little ladybug ballerinas. [twinkle, twinkle, little star plays] ♪ all: one, two, three. [cell phone ringing] - really? - oh, i'm sorry. sorry. ballerinas: one, two, three. - [whispering] hello? yes, this is pam halpert. i got the mural? oh, my god! all: shh! - [whispering] um, i'm sorry. i have to go. my daughter's a ladybug. i know that doesn't make any sense. um, thank you, thank you. - you're very rude. - yes, very rude. - shh! kids are
that is coming out of his mouth is a big lie. and all you are doing is taking it. >> kirk: nirvana are you using drugs are you on heroin? >> no, i have not done drugs in a longtime. >> she does drugs everyday >> kirk: do you want to take a drug test? >> i will take a drug test. let's it. >> man, i will do it. but he needs to take one, too. >> i won't lie i've done bad stuff in my life.are you on dru? i had a bad time in my life when me and tiffany broke up. >> excuses, excuses, poor you, poor you >> am i talking to you? >> i am the slut? i know who my baby daddy is. i am n on the show you are. >> i don't want to hear your voice >> yeah, okay. i'm not a slut. >> kirk: nirvana are the kids with your mother? >> they are with my mother >> they are going to be with me. >> kirk: why aren't you with your kids? >> because she called cps on me telling them i'm addicted to heroin and everytime they tested me it came up negative. you test me right now and i will come up damn negative. i do not party every night >> kirk: we are going to send tate taton and nirvana for a drug test and has taton's super sper
>> if you thought it was bull and you use that -- >> don't blame me. [applause] [cheering] >> i think that being a strong woman is being able to keep your family togher. if you can't keep your family together then that is not showing strength. anybody can get a job and a deb bit card. anybody anybody can do that >> my family is together, baby. my family is together. i was in a relationship and he didn't want to marry me so i said peace. >> that's right. and then what happens is you end up with another child by another man. [all talking at once] >> both of their fathers are there. i do not choose to be with you i am not going to keep you from seeing your child. your relationship ain't got nothing to do with that child. and i told my sister she can have a simple relationship with you but to stay in the same house with you. you can do that. you can still be a father. >> a lot of the clapping you all don't understand that possibly because i have two women maybe i'm not going through the most heavenly experience. have you asked me if i want to leave? this ain't easy. this ain't easy at all
to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often. starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. hey... robert? yeah? what are you doin'? physical therapy. what do you want? she--she was cryin'. what? debra was crying? yeah. what did you do? noth-- i didn't--nothing. it's just i loed in the window, and she was sittin' on the couch, crying. well, i didn't tell you to go spy on her. yeah, all right. i already got that lecture from the mailman. well, was she watching a sad movie? no. the tv wasn't even on. what's she cryin' about? what are you askin' me for? go talk to your wife. i can't talk to her now. she'll know that i was lookin' in the window. looking in the window. all right, so don't ask her. just go back over there and see what's wrong. you know, be a husband! yeah, yeah. yeah. she could have done so much better. honey? hello?
looked familiar. you used to pick up dwight from school. - u went to x-men school too? [exhales] - x-men school? - when i was young, i spent several years at a prite school where i was told i would be taught to harness my mutant abilities. turned out it was a conman copying charles xavier's school for gifted youngsters frothe x-men comic books. took me years to figure out that it was con. some people never figured it out. - oh, i have a few powers. night hearing. dogs understand where i point. and our training included picking carrots, scrubbing tubs, sewing imitation levi's. a lot of telemarketing. - i don't wanna sit near any of those people for the next 20 years. someone say something. - i said something when they were thinking of hiring jim. didn't work then. and now look what he's doing to us. - yeah, jim, this is all your fault. - h is it my fault? - here's an exercise for you, jim. imagine there are consequences to your actions. imagine the whole world does n revolve around this. there are others. - but it's dwight who's bringing in all the weirdos. - yeah, but, jim, dwight's
you how to use it? no. nope. i just want i to show you something. you're going to vacuum my house? you know, my house might appear to be a bit more cluttered than yours, and, yeah, all right, there's the occasional crumb, dirty dish. yeah, there is, tbut that's every house. every house has dirt, marie, even this one. [ vacuum cleaner hums ] well, i must say, i think that maybe you're being a little bit -- excuse me, marie. this is what we call a high-traffic area. you're going against the nap. did anyone ever teach you about nap? okay. now, let's take a look at what we like to refer to as the "wow" factor. that water looks very clean. wow! well, let -- let me just, uh, leme just try under the couch, okay? there we go. [ vacuum cleaner hums ] 'cause it can get pretty nasty under here. okay. damn it. is it me, or does that water look even cleaner? well, i'm still kind of getting the hang of this, so... you have to understand, dear, that vacuums don't clean houses. people clean houses. you know, maybe i just di't have thisuses. pushed all the way in. that's it. well, you're welcome to kee
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